Vanessa Brown

Successful Apprentice Story

Vanessa Brown

Vanessa was appointed as an Apprentice on 1st November 2017 and is based within the Hyde Locality which covers four clinics based in Hyde, Hattersley, and Hollingworth.  Vanessa chose to complete an apprenticeship as she wanted to gain experience working for a large organisation so she could acquire additional knowledge and skills and gain a valuable insight working and supporting services within the NHS.  Vanessa was also interested in gaining an apprenticeship qualification in Business Administration.


Vanessa has spent the last three months working as an Apprentice and she is enjoying the opportunity to learn new skills from start to finish. Vanessa has already learnt a lot about the services that are provided within Community as she has supported School Health, Health Visiting, Diabetes & High Risk Foot Team, Dietetics and Continence with their admin support.


Reflecting on her apprenticeship, Vanessa explained that working in the Admin & Clerical service has given her communication and organisational skills so she is able to deal with patients both front facing or via the telephone. She is also able to use the skills she has acquired when asked to assist health professionals. Vanessa is a quick learner and she has developed in self-confidence in the few months she has worked as an Apprentice.  


Vanessa is not afraid to ask questions if she is unsure on how to do things and she is comfortable seeking clarification from staff or managers. Vanessa has been encouraged to offer new ideas and suggestions that she may have in order to contribute and support the patient’s pathway. When given feedback in 1:1 meetings, Vanessa has taken the feedback on board which has helped her to improve both personally and professionally. She is proving to be an asset for the A&C service and is a valuable member of the Hyde admin team.


Vanessa would recommend an apprenticeship scheme to other people as she feels it is a great way of learning whilst undertaking practical tasks. Vanessa is looking forward to expanding her knowledge and skill set whilst completing the rest of her apprenticeship qualification.