Megan Cross

Successful Apprentice Story

Megan Cross

Megan Cross was appointed as an Apprentice Clerical Officer on June 12th 2016 for the Integrated Service for Children with Additional Needs (ISCAN) based at Rowan House, Hyde. From leaving college Megan was unsure of a career path so chose an apprenticeship as a way to learn something new whilst gaining a national recognised qualification in Business Administration and earning a monthly salary. Megan is currently studying for an NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration.

Through the apprenticeship scheme, Megan continues to gain skills in customer services in a front facing role and is skilled in using the electronic patient appointment booking system supported by experienced administration staff. Megan is extremely competent and is able to organise and prioritise her daily workload. Megan has been given the opportunity to give her own input to team meetings and is helping to prepare an agenda and take notes at the next admin team meeting.

Working in a reception office with new colleagues has made Megan a more confident person and has helped her to gain both IT and personal skills. Megan frequently liaises with parents and has learnt to adapt her body language and tone of voice dependant on the situation, especially when she is required to support families and children with additional needs. Throughout her apprenticeship Megan has especially enjoyed the support of the admin team that she has worked with and the warm welcome and friendliness that she received on her arrival into the team. Megan is also pleased that her tutor comes to see her on site and that her units of set work are integrated into her daily tasks.

One personal highlight Megan recalls is when she was working in reception and welcomed a little boy and his mother into the waiting area. The little boy was very shy and his mother informed Megan that he was reluctant to speak to anyone that he did not know. Megan showed the little boy the colouring templates and offered him the crayons. He sat at the table and began to colour in a picture. This made Megan feel like she had gained the trust of the little boy and this prepared him for his appointment with the clinician by making him feel at ease.

Having worked with children with additional needs in a past part time job, Megan has been able to further her knowledge on what services within ISCAN are open to children and support for parents.

Apprentices are beneficial in that they can be moulded to the needs of the business and are an on-going investment for those apprentices wishing to progress their career within the organisation.

The apprenticeship has helped Megan to expand her mind to look at other career pathways and it has persuaded her to broaden her search for jobs. Megan is now interested and actively searching for a role in the paralegal services to support her career plans.