Get your YOU back
06 January 2021

2020 was… not great. Many people have spent it stressed out, scared and tired.  People have more than likely found themselves slipping into habits they wish they could break. It’s no wonder that many people don’t feel much like themselves.

That’s where Dry January comes in. 31 days alcohol-free. Everyone’s chance for a break. A reset. 31 days to try something new. Relax with a bath rather than a bottle. Throw off the sluggishness and reclaim mornings. Shake off your funk and make time for that hobby you’ve missed.

See your skin get brighter, your wallet fuller, your days busier. Feel your step get bouncier, your mind calmer, your nights sleepier. This isn’t about stopping drinking forever. But it’s about more than January. It’s about you, year-round. It’s about learning that you don’t need alcohol so that for the rest of the year you’ve got a real choice. It’s about making 2021 the best it can be.

Alcohol Change UK is here to help. By downloading their app or signing up for coaching emails people double their chance of having a totally alcohol-free month and getting amazing benefits that last.

Dry January isn’t about giving anything up. It’s about getting something back. Get your fun back. Get your calm back. Get your energy back. Get your you back.

The benefits

People can get amazing, obvious benefits from doing Dry January. Research shows that participants:

  • Sleep better and have more energy
  • Lose weight
  • Save money
  • Improve their concentration
  • Get an amazing sense of achievement
    • De Visser, R. Awaiting publication. Evaluation of Dry January 2019. School of Psychology, University of Sussex.

Evidence suggests that just a month without alcohol has amazing health benefits for your body, including lower blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes risk, as well as lower cancer-related proteins in the blood.

Research shows that Dry January helps cut down on drinking beyond January. It’s a bootcamp for breaking bad habits and realising that people don’t need alcohol for a happy, full life. People who sign up for Dry January are still drinking less riskily even six months later.

Don’t go it alone

  • People who take on the official Dry January with support are twice as likely to stay dry throughout the month and to enjoy all the benefits, compared to those who try to do it alone.
  • Sign up for the brilliant coaching emails online or download the free app, Try Dry.
  • Through the app you can track your units, calories and money saved through Dry January, and set your own goals year-round, picking up badges as you go.

In addition to the support on offer for Dry January, it’s also important to remember that there's no safe time and no safe amount to drink during pregnancy. Drymester has lots of useful information and resources to help parents-to-be to go alcohol free or support a loved one when pregnant or planning a pregnancy. For details visit

Anyone worried about alcohol use during pregnancy or finding it hard to stop drinking alcohol should talk to their GP or midwife for advice and support.

Change, Grow, Live can also offer information and advice for people concerned about their drinking and aren’t sure what steps to take. Visit