Keeping you safe at your endoscopy
07 October 2020

We have put in place measures to keep you safe and minimise the risk of Covid-19 at your endoscopy appointment.

There could be serious risks to your health if you miss being diagnosed for a serious condition because you don’t have your endoscopy procedure. If you have been invited for one, you need to be seen urgently, so please attend your appointment.

Steps to protect you in the unit include:

  • Social distancing, hand hygiene and surface cleaning
  • Staff wearing PPE
  • Treatment rooms deep cleaned
  • Fewer patients
  • All staff, visitors and outpatients wear face masks, hand sanitiser is available throughout and all areas, from clinics to doors handles and lift buttons, are regularly cleaned. Watch this video about keeping you safe at your endoscopy.

Finally, we are now offering some patients with bowel symptoms a bowel cancer stool test called a Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT). If your doctor asks you to do the test, it is important you do it before the endoscopy. The result can help us prioritise patients for endoscopy or avoid it altogether in some cases.