Two Day Workshop in Person Centred Coaching
29 August 2019


This two day workshop will enable you to understand how person centred coaching can be used in 1:1 conversations and consultations to enhance personalised care. It will support you to use a range of approaches, techniques and practical skills that facilitate more person centred, goal orientated conversations. Person centred coaching sees people as truly resourceful, as an equal, and as the holders of the solutions to the challenges that they face.

Who is it for?

The course is provided free of charge by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust and is open to anyone working or volunteering in Tameside and Glossop who has a 1:1 person facing role. Those with roles in health or social care settings, working in the statutory or voluntary sectors will find it particularly useful, e.g. GPs, practice nurses, HCAs, social workers, key workers, peer supporters, care coordinators, social prescribers, advice and support roles.

What is Person Centred Coaching?

Person centred coaching describes many different interventions that ‘coach’ or actively support people to self-care and take control of their lives. It involves a move away from a dependent model to one that is person centred, empowering, and based around a person’s own aspirations and goals. It aims to raise awareness and responsibility of the person for their own health and wellbeing, achieved through a transformation in the practitioner/service user relationship.

Person centred coaching is based on strong provider communication and negotiation skills, informed, service user-defined goals, conscious choices, exploration of the consequences of decisions and service user accountability for decisions made. Person centred coaching shifts the practitioner’s role to one of facilitator or guide, rather than expert or ‘fixer’.

Workshop Content

The programme aims to build on the many skills you already possess in order to enhance the quality of conversations that you have with people through using a person centred coaching approach.

The workshop will be highly experiential with many opportunities to practice skills, share experience, develop relationships and network with others working in Tameside and Glossop. It will cover: 

  • The foundations of coaching and how coaching can be used
  • Principles of behaviour change and use of behavioural health coaching for brief interventions
  • Setting effective goals that encourage self care
  • Trust and rapport and the implications for behaviour change
  • Listening, questioning and challenging skills
  • Encouraging activation and self-responsibility
  • The use of motivational interviewing and solution focused coaching

Independent evaluation demonstrates:

  • 96% of clinicians report good or very good application to their work
  • Two thirds of clinicians continue to use the skills after two years
  • Reductions in service use and admissions
  • Increases in Patient Activation (PAM scores)
  • Increases in self management behaviours
  • Verifiable savings (e.g., £3.6 million per annum achieved from acute rehabilitation team training)

What do clinicians say about the training?

"As a GP I have been trained to be very directive and prescriptive - so it was quite a leap to move to a different style. It also surprised me that using a coaching approach, not only was no more time consuming, but it is considerably more effective, so a win win all around!" Local GP

“This training was more enlightening and useful than any other ‘communications’ type training that I have attended in my 30 years in nursing. These are essential skills for NHS staff with the current demography and client base.” Heart Disease Specialist Nurse

How do I sign up?

We are releasing dates running in October – December soon. If you would like us to notify you when bookings are open, then please email who will keep your details.