Tameside Hospital in country's top five for best cancer referral times
20 June 2019

Cancer patients in Tameside can be reassured that they are among the first in the country to get the treatment once their GP has referred them to their local hospital.

In a special report by the BBC, Tameside came out in the top five of all 131-cancer service hospitals, with 90.3 per cent of patients referred for urgent treatment within the Government’s 62-day target. Hospitals are meant to start treatment within 62 days of an urgent referral by a GP in 85 per cent of cases. But 94 out of 131 cancer services in England failed to do that during 2018-19.

Chief Executive Karen James says the longer people have to wait for diagnosis and get appropriate treatment, the longer it will impact them and their health and wellbeing.  “Cancer was one of the priorities in the 10-year plan for the NHS unveiled earlier this year. I am delighted that our hard work and investment to improve outcomes and lower the risk of complications for our patients is paying off.”

Two years ago the hospital opened its state-of-the-art £2million Tameside Macmillan Unit. It accommodates a six-chair chemotherapy suite, procedure room and waiting areas, and a Macmillan Information and Support Centre. It also incorporates a palliative care consulting room, complementary therapy rooms and prosthesis room, bringing together a variety of physical and emotional cancer support services previously dispersed across several hospitals.