paws by chris hewitt
Trust author Chris Hewitt Pens New Children's Book
29 October 2018

Chris Hewitt, the Trust's very own author has just finished and published his third book in a series of children's books. Chris tells us that whilst he's written three children's books, this might be the last. "It’s the third in the series. I’m undecided whether to stop here, or maybe write more. I am thinking of maybe writing a book for an older audience."

Chris goes on to tell us a little bit more about the inspiration for this book and what the theme is this time: "There’s no specific theme with this book having touched on Christmas and Halloween in the past. There are nods to such books/films like Jaws, Predator and Hounds of the Baskervilles. There are recurring characters from the other books, but you don’t need to have read the others beforehand."

About Paws:

Eleven-year-old Sophia Owen wants to spend her half-term holidays doing nothing. But something stalks the streets of Windmore. It’s chased Farmer Harrow, eaten Mrs Hibbert’s dog, and it’s leaving giant paw prints everywhere. The town is in panic. Luckily, Sophia, Yogesh, and James have a school project to complete and they’ve found their topic. Catching the beast of Windmore. Despite an inept police force, an attention seeking reporter, and a lord who may be a werewolf, the three friends will risk their lives for adventure and good grades.  The book can be found on Amazon here